Summer Library

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Englewood's library will be open once a week this summer! There will be prizes, raffles, and of course, BOOKS! Come enjoy the library this summer on Thursdays from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, June 22nd through August 4th. Remember, all children under 18 are eligible for a free lunch in our cafeteria 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM.

Englewood Family Literacy Night

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May 17th

6:00-8:00 p.m.

Englewood Library



Two Sessions

Pop-Up Books


You and your child will discuss your favorite books, and then work together to create a "pop-up" book to celebrate these favorite stories.

Literacy Fun at Home


You will learn some fun and productive ideas to engage your child in reading and writing at home.  This can help maintain skills over the summer.  

Make-up Days (Spanish)

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Días de clase agregados al calendario escolar para compensar por los cierres escolares debido a las nevadas


Por causa del mal tiempo, en lo que va del presente año lectivo, los alumnos de Salem-Keizer han perdido cuatro días de clase completos, aparte de otro día en que salieron anticipadamente de la escuela y otro día más en el que empezaron tarde las clases.


El tiempo de clase es esencial para el éxito escolar. Para recuperar el tiempo de clase perdido, el distrito ha decidido modificar el calendario escolar.


Se han agregado tres días al calendario:

·         El jueves 23 de marzo de 2017 será un día de clases para todos los alumnos. Las conferencias de padres y maestros tendrán lugar después de clase y por la noche.

·         El jueves y viernes 15 y 16 de junio de 2017, respectivamente, serán días de clase para todos los alumnos, excepto para los alumnos de duodécimo grado que se hayan graduado. Las escuelas preparatorias modificarán el programa de los exámenes finales del segundo semestre.


Las fechas de las ceremonias de graduación de las escuelas preparatorias no variarán.


Por favor, tengan presente que es posible que se vuelva a modificar el calendario escolar si se llegasen a perder más días de clase debido al mal tiempo. 

Make-up days for snow closures announced

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Due to inclement weather, Salem-Keizer students have missed four full school days, had one early release and one late start this school year.


Time at school is essential to student success. To make up for some lost instructional time, the district has decided to make changes to the school calendar.


Three school days have been added to the calendar:

·         Thursday, March 23, 2017, will be a school day for all students. Parent-Teacher conferences will take place after school and in the evening.

·         Thursday and Friday, June 15 and 16, 2017, will be school days for all students except graduating seniors. High schools will develop a revised schedule for second semester finals.


Dates of high school graduation ceremonies will not change.


Please be aware that additional calendar changes could be made if there is more inclement weather.

School-Student-Parent Compact

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The purpose of the school-parent compact is to communicate a common understanding of school and home responsibilities to assure that every student attains high standards and a quality education.


School responsibilities

  • Provide a safe and healthy school environment that promotes learning.
  • Provide a quality, standards based curriculum.
  • Provide quality instruction by highly qualified staff.
  • Assign meaningful assignments and activities to promote student success.
  • Respect cultural, racial, ethnic and socioeconomic differences.
  • Frequently report to parents about students’ academic progress during at least one individual conference in the fall or spring.
  • Provide individual progress reports to parents in November, March, and June.
  • Provide parents reasonable access to staff about student concerns.

 Parent responsibilities

  • Encourage positive attitudes toward school.
  • Set aside a specific time in a quiet place to do homework.
  • Look over homework assignments to check for understanding.
  • Sign and return all papers that require a parent or guardian’s signature.
  • Arrive to school on time and require regular school attendance (95% or higher).
  • Attend parent teacher conferences and other school functions.
  • Contact teachers when questions or concerns arise.
  • Respect the personal rights of others.
  • Update family information as needed with the school office.

 Student responsibilities

  • Ask the teacher any questions about schoolwork and homework.
  • Take home materials and information needed to complete assignments.
  • Complete homework in a thorough, legible and timely manner.
  • Return signed forms needed at school.
  • SOAR – Be Safe, On task, Always Respectful, Responsible
  • Attend school regularly (95% or higher), arrive on time, and be well rested.
  • Read RAH minutes each day (see RAH chart) and sign minutes chart.

Parent Involvement Policy

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Educating students at Englewood Elementary School is a collaborative effort involving the student, the teacher and the parents working together to achieve high student performance. Parents can participate in their child’s education and receive information in the following ways:

Open parent meetings are held monthly on the second Thursday of every month. Meetings will be held 6-7 p.m. The Title 1 objectives will be explained and the previous year’s student performance shared during the Back to School Night parent meeting in September. Specific information on individual student performance will be shared at the parent conferences in November. The January or February meeting will solicit parent feedback about the Parent Involvement Policy and the Parent Compact; an evaluation of parent involvement activities will be discussed at the end of the year. 

2.     Parents will be notified of their children’s academic progress through: progress reports (November, March, June); Parent Conferences (November, March); and informal contacts throughout the year as needed.  Parents can contact teachers via email or phone, and are welcome to set up appointments before or after school to meet with them.

Parents will receive individual SBAC assessment results, and the interpretation of those results, through a district mailing.

A description of grade-level expectations and curriculum standards will be presented to parents in the fall.

By November 30, a School-Parent Compact will be presented to parents and signed by the teacher, parent and student. This compact specifies the means by which the school and the parent will build and sustain a partnership to help the student achieve high academic standards.

Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom or special events. Parents can even help from home by preparing instructional materials or in other ways. Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher or the office for volunteer opportunities.

Information regarding the school and activities will be presented in the school newsletter as well as on our webpage.  Englewood’s website may be accessed at http://englewood.salemkeizer.net/

Salmon Release December 4th

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Every Student Succeeds Act

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New In-District Transfer Requests

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       For any new requests from students who wishes to attend a school other than his or her assigned school starting January 2017, must submit an In-District Transfer request (IDT) between November 1 and 30, 2016.

Some restrictions and requirements apply to the Electives IDT request.

     IDT request forms can be picked up at any school office, and must be completed and returned to the student's assigned school during the application date window. There is no guarantee a transfer request will be approved.

    Students attending school on an approved IDT are not eligible for bus service. Parents must provide transportation to and from school.


Please attend our first Title 1 Meeting, September 29th 6-7pm

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